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Elevator advertising is probably the most effective advertising available in terms of consumer awareness, simply because occupants of elevators are a captive audience surrounded by few distractions.

Elevator ads have some unique benefits for small business. Instead of throwing big bucks at an unfocused, haphazard advertising campaign, you can target your marketing budgets toward reaching a very precise segment of the marketplace. As long as you understand that your reach will be more limited than it is for other forms of advertising, the ROI can be enticing .

Features of Elevator Advertisements

Lift advertising is a medium of advertising

Elevator or lift advertising is the only medium of advertising in unique way. Radio, Newspaper, Magazine advertising, Television and social media struggle to do.

This media has benefits of target audience reach, High impact reach, and creative advertisement, making it easy in communicating a message that cannot be fast-forwarded, ignored, or recycled before it can make its way into stakeholders' decision-making processes.

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Benefits of FRAME MEDIA Advertising

Guaranteed Views

Continuous exposure for more than 30 seconds several times daily will have audience attention engaged ,where as its not possible in television advertisements, since audience has the option to shift to other channels.

Instance Courage

We have ample opportunity and possibility to have creativity and composition which the magazine don not permit the creativity. You can play with mind blowing elements to catch the attention of the audience.

Relevant Audience

Targeting right audience is a critical in advertising. But with elevator advertising its possible to reach the right audience.

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How Does We Work?

This creates a perfect ambience for attracting customers by setting the mood and levying that the real essence of advertisement reaches out to them, which can easily be estimated by the promo codes used by the buyers while shopping.

Providing space for advertisement inside the lifts of residential areas.

Installation of frames of dimension 1.5" X 2.0".

Placing posters of maximum size 1.5" X 2.0".

Ensuring that there is no damage caused to the lift during the installation process.

Maintaining and replacing the posters as and when required.

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